Knowing the other buttons in the calculator

Calculators, have you used one. I guess you have already used one especially the basic type of calculator. When you are holding and facing a calculator do you know what is the other buttons are for aside the most used add, subtract, multiply and divide. Some might wonder what are the other buttons are for and if it is necessary. Simple answer of that, yes the other buttons is also very useful and make calculating easy and faster if you know what it is for and how to use it.

Let start to get to know the other buttons or operations and what is it for. Let us start with the MC which this button is to clear memory or the previous result that you calculated. The M+ will help you add it to the memory that is stored in it. This M- is the opposite of M+ instead of adding it will subtract it from the last memory. MR means memory recall so this will provide you the last result that was computed. When you press the C button in the calculator it will clear the current operation that you are using while the CE will clear the entry in it.

Now you know what this button are for this will help you more to calculate faster without repeating again in calculating and you won’t need to write it down the last result that you calculated. It will help you recall the recent result that was given.

Knowing all the button will be great advantage in calculating.

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