Scientific calculator

Are you familiar with another kind of calculator which is a scientific calculator? This is not an ordinary calculator it is a type of calculator is an electronic calculator. Usually this is used and made to calculate problems of engineering, mathematics and science. It is mostly used either for education and also professional.

Hewlett-Packard HP-9100A is the first scientific calculator that has also all the basic elements. It was in 1968 that this calculator was released. In the long run other brand also came out such as Sharp and Casio. As you can see till now this two brands of scientific calculator is mostly used in school and this is also the most common well known brand.

Comparing this to the basic type of calculator this has much more features than those calculators that have four to five function calculator. But the calculator features will differ also from which it is manufacture, the model. Mostly they have the scientific notation, functions of logarithmic that uses both the base 10 and also the base e, trigonometric that sometimes include hyperbolic trigonometry, exponential and roots further than square root, a quick access to constants like the e and pi, the floating point arithmetic.

This calculator helps not only students in solving problems in their studies but also professionally in their work that in line with computation like engineers. At first using this will be a challenge especially if you do not understand the problem you are dealing with. But if you analyze and study it how to use it then it will be easy for you to use this.

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